Even Better Working as a Team

We believe in teamwork and patient centered care. If your patient is interested, we can directly involve you in their circle of care and can directly update you with their progress as they go through their journey.

Refer a client

How it works


Refer for extra care

Start by filling out a quick referral form. We review your notes and set a video session with your client to fully understand their needs. This only takes a minute. We will then update you on your patient’s progress with relevant information.


We curate personalized care for your client

Based on your client's preferences, our assessment, and your suggestions, we find the best evidence-based therapy for your client.


Complete the circle of care

We are excited to complete the circle of care with you; at the end of the day, you know your patient best and will remain involved even after the therapy.

Our Promise

We are committed to making mental health services accessible and affordable for all. In Mind Relief, We offer the best available treatment for your clients and provide them full support through their journey.

Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us support@mindrelief.ca