The Story of Mind Relief Health Clinic Birth.

Our Story

Dr. Nazanin Alavi is a psychiatrist and an assistant professor at Queen’s University department of psychiatry. Dr. Alavi is a pioneer in online mental health research and has more than 12 years of research experience in this space. She is the author of the first handbook on delivering online CBT, helping other clinicians deliver online mental healthcare. She has won multiple national and international research and leadership awards for her research from major academic and professional organizations such as: Resident Psychiatric Research Scholar Award and Junior Investigator Research Training Award from the American Psychiatric Association, Psychiatry Research Award from European Psychiatric Association (EPA) and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Resident Research Award from the Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) to name a few.

Dr. Alavi began her mission of making mental health care more affordable and accessible for all back in 2007. She was shocked by the limited amount of mental healthcare resources and decided to address it with a burgeoning technology that was making everything from shopping to education more accessible; a little thing called the Internet. She thought an evidenced based and structured therapy technique like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) could be effectively delivered online; and so, she dedicated her academic research to this topic over the following 12 years. Mind Relief is a clinic born out of Dr. Alavi’s passion for making mental healthcare more accessible and affordable for everybody. This same passion is what now unites everyone on the Mind Relief team today.

Dr. Nazanin Alavi

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