Evidence-based Therapy is Scientific

Our founder, Dr. Alavi, is a pioneer in online psychotherapy with more than 12 years of experience in this field. Mind Relief’s treatment has been based on techniques developed and validated through multiple clinical trials.

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What is Evidence-based Therapy?

Evidence-based therapy is the process of developing new treatments through strong scientific evidence and rigorous objective evaluation.


Research Driven

A big line of research over the last decade has shown the efficacy of digital CBT for addressing mental health problems.



Mind Relief's digital evidence-based modules are based on multiple clinical trials performed by Dr. Alavi, demonstrating the efficacy and supremacy of this approach in treatment of patients.



Your modern lifestyle requires therapy that fits your schedule. Forget the stress of rush hours and time lost in waiting rooms. MindRelief is the most sensible option for the life you lead. We deliver the care that you need, where you need, when you need.

Check Dr. Alavi's Research

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy through PowerPoint: Efficacy in an Adolescent Clinical Population with Depression and Anxiety

Limited help-seeking behaviours, among adolescents with mental health concerns and many barriers to accessing mental health services, make innovative approaches to administering mental health therapies crucial. Therefore, this study evaluated the efficacy of e-CBT given via PowerPoint slides to treat adolescents with anxiety and/or depression

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Online CBT Is Effective in Overcoming Cultural and Language Barriers in Patients With Depression

The goal of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of weekly email in delivering online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to treat mild to moderately depressed individuals. The effectiveness of the online CBT was measured following treatment and then again at a 6-month follow-up and was compared with outcomes in a waitlist control group.

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Effectiveness of online versus live multi-family psychoeducation group therapy for children and adolescents with mood or anxiety disorders: a pilot study.

Online MFPGT may be an effective way to increase knowledge, provide resources and support and build on skills thus giving individuals more control and confidence when dealing with a mood or anxiety disorder while on a waitlist.

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