Take time to care for your mind

You wouldn’t neglect a pain in your shoulder. Or ignore high blood pressure. Your mental health deserves the same (if not more) attention. Taking time to care for your mind can impact your total health and increase the quality of your day. Your Mind Relief team is here to help you find the good in the bad, put things in perspective, and discover the secluded mental space that you are looking for. You just need to take the following 3 steps.

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Click on the “Get Started” button and let us know what type of support we can provide. We will get back to you shortly with an invitation to your assessment session.

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Measure up Your Needs!

In our FREE first online session, our psychiatrists will have a discussion with you to better understand your needs. Based on that evaluation, they choose the right digital evidence-based (eCBT, eDBT, eSupporive Psychotherapy) plan for you.

Lessons and Homeworks!

Successful psychotherapy needs your active engagement with the therapy process. Each week you receive your educational material and some cognitive exercises to work on through the week.

Get Feedback!

Every week, your care provider carefully reviews your homework and provides personalized feedback and guidance to assure that you are thriving and feeling better week by week.

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Dr. Nazanin Alavi

Lead Clinician

"We are here to support you by offering professional help"